Solo Show Chapter 2: A postnet folk fanfiction fairytalemythology: Part 1

land of the new moon (2020)
bioremediation clay, duckboard, plastic toys
dimensions variable

space weather (I) (2020)
microscope slides, found images, rubber paint
30.5 x 21 cm

there is a limit to how we can understand the movement of a flag (face) (2020)
plaster, resin, synthetic dye
dimensions variable

i’m hungry in the dream. when i find a shop, there are two long silhouettes inside. i get closer, but my new placement triggers a reaction: one of them vanishes from the inside and reappears right in front of me. up close, i realize that the silhouette is actually not a silhouette, but a woman. she has wrapped herself in a blanket that looks very comfortable. i feel foolish for at least four beats. she beckons—i am being asked to go in the shop—with her neck, head jerking to the side.

then i am led through a spacious doorway, toward a different room, through a series of exponentially less spacious doorways, burrowing, in increments, toward the heart of the place. as i am walking i remember: there’s a chair where i am supposed to sit—it’s there, in the room.

moments later, i am in the chair. the woman in the blanket is standing. “i’m surprised you found me again,” she says. i don’t say anything, because there is nothing to say.

we exchange clothes. she proceeds to press her fingers into my neck, as if a chiropractor. my neck, it returns to normal. as this experience is coming to what feels like a finish, i notice the chair i’ve been sitting in. it looks like a barber’s.

d1: blanket woman by Rohan Mills from NORTH HEAD

With a text by
Cam Hurst & Babs Rapeport

Works by
Amaryllis Zachariadou
Aleksandra Sidor
Ben Mattoon
Camille Clair
Dima Shirin
Garrett Lockhart
Georgette Brown
Justin Ortiz
Luca Frati
Naomi Hawksley
Rebecca Griffiths
Ricardo Martins
Sanja Vasic
Sarah Pauley
Sasha Manik
Taka Kono
TTA1EE Network
Valeria Segna
Vanya & Angelica Venmer

Organized by Underground Flower, Rhizome Parking Garage & Harlesden High Street