Taka Kono, born in 1994 in Kobe, Japan, explores the relationship between horror and intimacy in his sculptures, installations, and performance pieces. Kono utilizes horror to depict misunderstood expressions of affection, echoing the miscommunications common in everyday emotional interactions. In parallel, Kono’s work probes how intimacy interacts with personal boundaries, creating a dynamic where the need for individual space stands in contrast to the urge for closeness. This interplay of closeness and seclusion forms a recurring theme in Kono’s work, aiming to engage viewers in confronting their fears and desires, and drawing attention to the unspoken aspects of our psyche. Through this exploration, Kono underscores the intertwined nature of horror and intimacy in the human experience.


Curriculum Vitae

2012 - 2017 BFA, Fine Arts Parsons School of Design, New York, US

Solo Exhibitions
2024 lost and found / everything, Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2023 specter, Hunsand Space, Hangzhou, CN
2022 down4u, Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2021 only only makes sense if there’s nothing else, darkZone, New Jersey, US
2020 dream knowledge, no, ledge, noh, no knowledge, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo, JP

Duo Exhibitions
2023 Spirit Heart Soul Flesh Body, Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo, JP

Group Exhibitions
2024 Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery Sampling Project, Hunsand Space, Beijing, CN
2024 Opening Exhibition, Hunsand Space, Shijiazhuang, CN
2024 Contemporary Goth, Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2023 kirakira, off-site, Shiramine, JP
2023 Usual Group Show at an Emerging Gallery, Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2022 Terminal B, Smena Center of Contemporary Culture, Kazan, RU
2022 Vectored Goth, Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2022 The Aftercare in Order to Betray, akibatamabi21, Tokyo, JP
2022 Apocalypse Celebration, Boulevard Adolphe Max 26, Brussels, BE
2022 Garden of Gods, SXSW, Austin, US
2022 Garden of Gods, Vellum Gallery, Los Angeles, US
2022 Baitball 02, Ultrastudio, Pescara, IT
2022 and then, when I sleep, without language of night, I do not realize, See U, Brussels, BE
2021 A Portal Fantasy, Plague Space, Krasnodar, RU
2021 ATK/0 DEF/10000, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo, JP
2021 2121 Time Capsule, Goodbuy Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2021 Haunting Liminality: Refugia, off-site, Hung Hom, HK
2020 allelopathy of the wasteland, Mitsukoshi Contemporary Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2020 A postnet folk fanfiction fairytale mythology: Part 1, Online

2023 ill omen 3, malpaís, Barcelona, ES
2022 ill omen 2, CHURCH, Copenhagen, DK
2021 ill omen 1, dungeon detroit, Detroit, US

Art Fairs
2024 JINGART, Beijing, CN
2024 Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo, JP
2023 EASTEAST, Tokyo, JP

Curatorial Projects
2022 Dirty Laundry, KEIV, Athens, GR
2022 Screening program: sundae, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo, JP
2021 ATK/0 DEF/10000, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo, JP
2021 Your Fate, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo, JP
2021 look past this, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo, JP
2021 It’s always someone’s birthday, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo, JP
2021 鬼由心生, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo, JP
2021 damp plosive roam, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo, JP
2021 runurunu + Hirari Ikeda + RisakoYamada, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo, JP