Lives and works in Matsudo

BFA, Parsons School of Design

Represented by Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery
Founder/Director of mcg21xoxo

Solo exhibitions
2022 down4u, Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo (JP)
2021 only only makes sense if there's nothing else, darkZone, New Jersey (US)
2020 dream knowledge, no, ledge, noh, no knowledge, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo (JP)

Selected group exhibitions and projects
2023 ill omen 3, malpaรญs, Barcelona (ES)
2023 EASTEAST_, Science Museum, Tokyo (JP)
2023 Usual Group Show at an Emerging Gallery, Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo (JP)
2022 Terminal B, Smena Kazan, Kazan (RU)
2022 Vectored Goth, Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo (JP)
2022 The Aftercare in Order to Betray, akibatamabi21, Tokyo (JP)
2022 Apocalypse Celebration, Boulevard Adolphe Max 26, Brussels (BE)
2022 ill omen 2, CHURCH, Copenhagen (DK)
2022 GARDEN OF GODS, SXSW & ultrastudio, Houston (US)
2022 GARDEN OF GODS, Vellum LA & ultrastudio, Los Angeles (US)
2022 GARDEN OF GODS, ultrastudio, Pescara (IT)
2022 Baitball 2, Pane & Like a Little Disaster & ultrastudio, Bari (IT)
2022 and then, when I sleep, without language of night, I do not realize, See U, Brussels (BE)
2021 A Portal Fantasy, Plague Space, Krasnodar (RU)
2021 ATK/0 DEF/10000, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo (JP)
2021 2121 Time Capsule, Goodbuy Gallery, Bucharest (RO)
2021 ill omen 1, dungeon detroit, Detroit (US)
2021 Haunting Liminality: Refugia, corpsesimulacrum, Hung Hom (HK)
2020 allelopathy of the wasteland, Mitsukoshi Contemporary Gallery, Tokyo (JP)
2020 A postnet folk fanfiction fairytale mythology: Part 1, Underground Flower, Online

ill omen 3 @ malpaรญs
April, 2023

EASTEAST_ @ Science Museum
February, 2023

๎€ž๏ธŽ Tzvetnik

Usual Group Show at an Emerging Gallery @ Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery
January, 2023

with Yamamoto Layla,  Yamamoto Kazuma, Yamamoto Shohei

๎€ž๏ธŽ Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery

Project @ MUSTANG
January, 2023

Curated by MIRAๆ–ฐไผ็ตฑ

Terminal B, @ Smena Kazan
December, 2022

with Andrei Beliaev, Evgeny Berezin, Vitaly Bezpalov, Ian Bruner, Michael Bussell, Arthur Golyakov, Egon Van Herreweghe, Miles Huston, Robert Khasanov, KOTZ, Sasha Lemish, Stas Lobachevskiy, Yuri Otinov, PLAGUE, Pavel Polshchikov, Aurora Rodina, Zukhra Salakhova & Anastasia Yusypey, Ekaterina Serikova, Artem Silver, Daria Skripal, Anna Soz, Anna Taganzeva-Kobzeva, Nastya Vasileva, Vanya Venmer

curated by Plague Pro

๎€ž๏ธŽ Plague Pro

Vectored Goth @ Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery
November, 2022

with Kotani Kurumi, Yamamoto Kazuma, Yamamoto Shohei

๎€ž๏ธŽ Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery

The Aftercare in Order to Betray @ Akibatamabi21
September, 2022

with Tetsuya Ueda, Taichi Kagami, Shun Shimoosawa, Takumi Hirayama

down4u @ Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery
July, 2022

with text by Wade Dao

๎€ž๏ธŽ Solo Show (Review by Valerie You)
๎€ž๏ธŽ Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery
๎€ž๏ธŽ Tzvetnik

apocalypse celebration @ Boulevard Adolphe Max 26, 1000
June, 2022

with Benjamin Blaquart, Sasha Lemish, Maxim Tur, Manuel Sajn, Christopher J. Sheets, Sen Tanaka, Sue, Simon Gheeraert, Win.ju

curated by Pelin Gรถkรงek

ill omen 2 @ CHURCH
Apr, 2022

with Claudia Dyboski and Torre Alain

The Garden of Gods @ sxsw / Vellum LA / ultrastudio
Apr, 2022

with Benoit Mรฉnard, Stine Deja, Paulo Arraiano, Szilvia Bolla, Gioia Di Girolamo, Ivan Divanto, Olia Svetlanova

curated by ultrastudio

and then, when I sleep, without language of night, I do not realize @ See U
Jan, 2022

with Julian Jakob Kneer, Arthur Marie, Jean Casanova Castell, Arnaud Eubelen, Carole Mousset, Win.ju

curated by Pelin Gรถkรงek

BAITBALL02 @ Polignano a Mare
Jan, 2022

with Szilvia Bolla and Aron Lodi

curated by ultrastudio

ATK/0 DEF/10000 @ mcg21xoxo
Oct, 2021

with Taichi Machida, 18virgin, and text by rohan mills

๎€ž๏ธŽ mcg21xoxo
๎€ž๏ธŽ Solo Show

GARDEN OF DREAMS: a portal fantasy @ Plague Space
Sept, 2021

with Dereyni, Ian Bruner, Jordan Dawson, Kaymeera, NXCSS, Torre Alain (Halo), Willow O'Toole, VVXXII

๎€ž๏ธŽ OFluxo

ill omen 1 @ dungeon detroit
June, 2021

with Claudia Dyboski and text by rohan mills

๎€ž๏ธŽ dungeon detroit
๎€ž๏ธŽ Tzvetnik

only only makes sense if thereโ€™s nothing else @ darkZone
May, 2021

with text by rohan mills

๎€ž๏ธŽ darkZone
๎€ž๏ธŽ Tzvetnik
๎€ž๏ธŽ OFluxo

Apr, 2021

withTylur Gunn, IV Tsz Man Chan, Treasurealll (FKA HoGun Cheung), Kwan, Martha Hatch, Chen Pin Tao

๎€ž๏ธŽ CorpseSimulacrum

dream knowledge, no, ledge, noh, no knowledge @mcg21xoxo
Dec, 2020

with sound by rohan mills

๎€ž๏ธŽ mcg21xoxo
๎€ž๏ธŽDaily Lazy


a collection of words and images on nice dreams infected by intractable disease-ridden-dream-dreams aka forgotten spirits of a lost memory

text by rohan mills
illustrations by MinSu Kim
photos and production by taka kono

2020, English
14.8 x 21.0 cm, 200 pages, hardcover, handbound

edition of 12 / 3 AP